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Explore potential.

Welcome to The Zone

We transform businesses by creating game-changing cultures. Our purpose is to awaken heart, spirit and purpose in people and the planet. We work with individuals, teams and organisations. We partner with our customers on shared objectives to deliver radical business results. We work by invitation and operate on trust. We transform through a combination of workshops, tools, models, stories and processes that engage, inspire and align your entire organisation. We've been in business since 1999 and our approach is highly personal.

Game-changing cultures

Good news. You are the one holding your organisation back! Even better news, if you know it is you, you can do something about it.

The driving force behind any business is people. You, me and they. And yet, a sad fact is that in the majority of organisations only 10% are fully engaged. Those 10% who make it happen are dragging the other 90% along for the ride. This is a real challenge for leaders of today with already streamlined organisations. How do you get more power from the people you have left? How do you unlock their full potential, the creativity, the collaboration, and the spark of innovation to think, be and act outside the box? How do you steer the organisation towards not only growth and sustainability but away from the mediocre incremental change to a change that shapes your future and the industry itself? How do you not only stay ahead of the game but how do you change the game itself?

Changing the game means changing the rules. If you want a different result, you need a different mindset.

A game changing culture is both an art and a science. One without the other does not deliver the results as it lacks vision and strategy, and the other without the one feels empty, as there is no purpose, no real sense of meaning and no values guiding the people.

A game changing culture is aligned within its parts; it’s creative, collaborative, responsible, engaging and passionate. And most of all, it’s adaptable to withstand any test of times, constantly on the move.

It thrives on big missions and big challenges. It comes alive when you talk about purpose and gets into action when you talk about new creation. It is hearts and minds engaged, together, unified by core values and a clear sense of fulfillment.


It uses the power of the collective to invent, shape and reinvent to serve it's purpose. It is genuinely passionate about its customers, people and partners. Because it is responsible, it thinks long term and applies it short term. It thinks about the impact on the society and the world. And, it thinks like we do, that people without a planet is as crazy as a planet without people.

A game changing culture gets people into the zone where logic and magic work hand in hand to shape a future, sustainable for all.

To change the game you will need to take some risks and step into the unknown. Nothing prepares you for these moments, only your sense that you have to do it! Our role is to guide you through the unknown to the other side. 

Talk to any of our clients when they engaged us and they will say something along the lines "it was a risk, or a big call, to use The Zone. But something about it felt right". 


The Zone. Magic and Logic.


Amazing things happens when you're in the zone. 

The zone is the place where our being meets our doing, where our values are manifested in our actions. It's the place where magic and logic meet to generate innovation, growth and performance. The bigger the zone, the greater the output of your organisation.

Getting and staying in the zone is the core of game-changing cultures. Everything we do at The Zone is geared to help you with that simple (yet highly difficult) task. 

By using The Zone's framework on vision, purpose, values, strategy and market space, together with our tools and active facilitation, we engage, inspire and align your entire organisation, person by person, leader by leader, team by team. When we increase the time we are in the zone together, we enable the power of human energy which results in accelerated and sustainable growth.

Customers and partnerships 

Over the last 14 years we have worked in a multitude of organisations and cultures. We have successfully applied our game-changing work in 20 different countries across the world in industries such as telecom, media, transportation & logistics, biotechnology, insurance, refineries, banking, fashion, dairy, professional services and fast food.  

Our customers all have different challenges, but they all have in common an understanding that people are the most important asset of their business. To improve business performance they have all embarked on transforming their culture to generate the human energy that will help them win in the market place.

We will work in any industry as long as they are not designed to do harm. We will work with any client as long as you have a deep commitment to creating game-changing cultures. We want to work with courageous leaders who are up to changing the world by focusing on customers, communities and sustainable growth.

Below are a few examples of the type of work we do.



Typical cases for working with us:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: When two (or more) cultures must become one
  • Re-energising: Organisations with low energy, low commitment, low growth rates, low employee engagement scores
  • Boosting collaboration: Siloed businesses needing to work cross-functionally or with partners in a wider eco-system in order to deliver better value to customers
  • Disruptive change and turn-around: The whole industry is changing not only incrementally but radically due to new technology and entrants. The organisation needs to re-address purpose, vision, culture and strategy
  • New management team or CEO: Creating new ways of working, including aligned strategy 
  • Progressive organisations: Leaders have realised we live in new times and want to make use of full potential of people, technology, including implementing a new set of values and mindset
  • Start-up organisations: Creating a powerful culture from day 1 enabling aligned and accelerating growth




Cultural transformation.

The Zone’s relationship with Vodafone was forged during foundational culture work with the New Zealand business which took place between 2000 and 2005. On the strength of the results achieved there we have since been invited to partner Vodafone across a diversity of regions spanning Asia Pacific, The United kingdom, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Our work has primarily focused on culture, incorporating executive, leadership, team and organisational wide work on Vision, Purpose, Culture and Strategy. Each of our engagements has led to a significant improvement in Vodafone’s reputation for being a great place to work while business performance results have exceeded both internal and marketplace expectations.


Raiffeisen Bank

Business transformation. 

Raiffeisen Bank is one of Europe's largest retail banking groups. We partnered with their Czech Business to embark on a journey of business transformation, with the objective to accelerate market growth.

The work included reworking their market space and creating a new, disruptive approach to innovation and service. In changing the mindset we designed and implemented a two year programme, starting with the leadership team and cascading change through train-the-trainers and a modular, step-by-step, transformation journey. 



Team performance and executive coaching.

Burberry is one of fashion's most famous brands. We partnered with a leader who was in a new role and industry to create her leadership style and put a successful high performing executive team together. 

We co-created roles, goals and culture for the team, have reviewed performance over time and created a spirit of collaboration and connectedness. The result is a high performing team enjoying delivering even under pressure.



Unifying culture through Purpose, Vision, Culture and Strategy.

Fonterra is the world's biggest dairy producer by volume, formed by an amalgamation of several large cooperative dairy companies who were previously competitors.

Our challenge was to create a unified culture across this diverse business and to re-inspire the whole organisation around a common vision, purpose and set of values. We also worked with management to articulate the strategy  more clearly and consistently, resulting in strong business growth and performance.


Hyper Island

Transformation and Partnership.

Hyper island designs learning experiences that challenges companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasing digitalised world. 

For the last 2 years we have partnered with them  to co-create and deliver the Hyper Island all staff days, and collaborated with their teams on delivering executive tailored master classes.

Also, through our sister company Zenergy Unlimited we have trained many of their Facilitators.

White & Case

Leadership coaching.

White & Case is one of the world's leading global law firms. We teamed up with their offices in the UK and Russia, working with their partners and senior associates to improve connection, relationships and cooperation.

We created new working agreements and processes that improved communications, team work and service to clients, resulting in bigger market opportunities and higher customer satisfaction.


Organisational performance. 

Renomia is Czech Republic's largest independent insurance business and family owned. 

Partnering over an 18 months period we dramatically changed engagement and energy in the entire business. They have measured great Improvements in morale, performance and engagement. Their executive team improved cohesion and operating model resulting in better performance and overall growth. 

Southern Cross

Organisational performance. 

Southern Cross is a leading health insurance company in New Zealand. We have worked with them to create Purpose, Vision and Values and to engage the entire organisation in the implementation. 

Since 2010 Southern Cross has seen year on year improvement in their internal culture survey and external net promoter scores.

The organisation has been a finalist for New Zealand's Best Place To Work for five years in a row.

Get with the programme

The Results

Every business, organisation and culture is unique. We are at different stages in development, and face unique challenges and market conditions. What success looks like will depend on what your business is trying to achieve (or transform).

Typically, we measure progress in five key areas:

  1. Business results:
    Growth and performance
  2. Employee engagement:
    Higher engagement and retention
  3. Collaboration:
    Improved team output, removal of silos and hierarchies, increased interconnectivity and interdependence
  4. Customer value:
    Delivering a consistent branded customer experience
  5. Innovation:
    Creating new markets, products, services and integrated experience to generate more value for customers and their communities


The Engagement

We work with individuals, teams and organisations. Our individual coaching improves personal performance; our experiential workshops create high performing teams.

Our organisational work combines our work with individuals, teams and leaders and beyond to create a truly aligned and empowered game-changing culture rallied around a compelling purpose and vision.

Politics, silos, conflict, hidden agendas, self service and misalignment are dismantled.  Power is shared and natural collaboration focused on the end game (the customer) becomes the norm.

The key to making this happen lies in aligning an organisation and its people around;

  • Who you are
  • What you stand for
  • Why you exist
  • Where you are heading
  • The way you behave
  • The customer experience
  • Your story

This is the new 'CEO' we all report to and get behind.

The Programme

Helping you define a new market space, culture and strategy is not an overnight or one off process.  We are humans not machines.  The human dynamic is complex.  To be successful and self-sustaining the programme has to be embedded into your DNA.  Typically this takes from two to five years.

Our programme is designed to support and sustain all the way.  Our involvement however is in distinct phases, and because we train your people to deliver most of our work, we make the process more cost effective, manageable and sustainable.

  1. Business case (Audit and Information)
  2. Alignment (Framework and Plan)
  3. Behaviour (Leaders and People)
  4. Brand and Communications (Internal and External)
  5. Systems and processes (People and Customer)

Our primary role is supporting 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Your project teams deliver 5 once aligned to the big picture.

We train and develop your own 'champions' to deliver to their peers. This is an amazing development experience and these champions find the programme enlightening and a powerful personal leadership process.  Many of you future leaders emerge from this group.

The Experience

Experiential workshops are the backbone of our programme. These events engage, inspire and align people to live and breathe the new way (and we have a lot of fun too).

These are delivered firstly to the leaders, then to all your other people.  You will ultimately include every stakeholder in the process because everyone wins.

They experience learning and growing together. Hierarchies and silos melt away, titles and old rules become secondary to serving the customer.

The workshops create a common understanding of the business that fits on one page. Everyone is singing from the same song sheet. We are all in it together. Passion grows, ideas flow, things get done.

People become more self managing and your peers keep you on the right track (or tell you to get your act together).

This is an environment of support and trust.

This is the zone.

Explore some of our game-changers. 

Our zone



Our purpose is to awaken heart, spirit and purpose in people and the planet. The Zone is our contribution to a better world and the future generations to come.

The Zone works with organisations who want to change the world through their customers. These are organisations whose dedication to their purpose outweighs the lure of profit at any price. Organisations who see the bigger picture where simplicity replaces complexity, ethics replaces politics and personal responsibility replaces the blame game. These organisations connect hearts, minds and spirits. Their story reawakens our world. These are the organisations that will change the game.


Our vision is enlightened organisations changing the world through its community. 

An enlightened organisation acknowledges that people are at its heart. It is heart that guides the way people interact with each other, with customers and their communities, regardless of expertise or position. When this happens, it creates a place where power is shared, where rules and titles are secondary to serving others, where people are valued, respected and developed and true community unfolds.  

Leaders of these organisations are guardians of human spirit and eliminators of waste (time, attention, energy, costs and resources). They create an environment where people, teams, communities and partners collaborate to create together.



We are the guides, trainers and facilitators of game-changing cultures. Our being is our method and our doing gets you into the zone. These are our most important values:

  • Love
    Love the work, love the people, love yourself
  • Truth
    Courage to speak into the illusion to change the game
  • Congruence
    Do what we say and say what we do
  • Mastery
    Grow, learn, explore, and continuously practice
  • Sustainability
    Develop whole people, unlock human potential
  • Community
    Creating together, having fun, being connected


We're a global community of brilliant people who co-create transformation through game-changing cultures, with courageous clients,
 use smart technology,
 build a great business,
 and love to give back.

  • We attract customers who are inspired by what we do, and want their products, service and connection with customers to create a conscious change towards a better world
  • Our business model creates value for our customers and all our stakeholders
  • We find and grow brilliant people and partners across the globe
  • By continuously evolving our work we transform our people, our customers and our world
  • Using our technology makes a difference to our customers
  • We love to give back to the communities where we work